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The Scoop – Baconator | New Metrics for Email Marketing | Big Data and Health March 13, 2014

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Before EVP Eugene Lee left SxSW, he filmed for us video of a smartphone that emits the smell of bacon. Now that’s a value add.

Campaign Analyst Patti Flannery reviewed a new whitepaper by Marketo and shared the key takeaways for all you Scoopers. For a full copy of the whitepaper please email me.
Marketo developed a whitepaper to address new metrics for Email Marketing, with the main focus that “Engaging Email is Strategic Email”. The Marketo Engagement Score is a proprietary algorithm that their Data Science Team created to determine exactly how engaging each message is. It combines multiple data points — Clicks, Opens, Conversions, Unsubscribes, Program Successes, etc. — and then applies a statistical algorithm to create a single measure of engagement. It’s no secret that top executives don’t really care about the Open Rate or Click-Through Rate of your last email campaign. If you can’t convince your top executives to care about email, you won’t get the budget or resources you need to make email a core part of your strategic marketing plan, and won’t be able to take advantage of its potential. Here are the seven most common email metrics:
1. Sent
2. Delivered
3. Bounced
4. Opens / Open Rate
5. Clicks / Click Rate / Click to Open Rate
6. Unsubscribe Rate
7. Marked as Spam
Marketo believes that in order to accurately measure engagement, you need a way to combine all the metrics of traditional Emails — Open Rate, Click Rate, Conversion Rate, Unsubscribe, etc. — into one single measure. The Marketo Engagement Score provides a standard way to measure the engagement of your messages over time, not just as isolated standalone incidents.

CMIO Susan Dorfman shared this romance-meets-science news – no, wait, THIS romance-meets-science news – that marriage can be good for women’s hearts (although she wondered if the same is true for men.)

And VP Audience Strategy Taryn Tarantino shared this article about advances in health thanks to big data and other tech. But experts point out that even the world’s smartest computer doesn’t take the place of HCPs: “Still in beta-testing, the partners hope the advisor tool, called IBM Watson Oncology, will be ready for use in real-time clinical practice by year’s end. ‘Patients fear the day where a computer rolls into the room, and the physician doesn’t show up, and the patient simply talks to the computer,’ says Andrew Seidman, MD, a medical oncologist at MSK who specializes in breast cancer, in an interview with MM&M. ‘In no way is Watson intended, in any shape or form, to replace the very important human aspects of cancer care.’”

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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