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The Scoop – Targeting Capabilities for Pharma | Email Engagement | Sales Reps Rising March 14, 2014

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PM360’s compendium on Digital That Delivers offers expert guidance on breaking through the clutter for a campaign that returns. The must-read section is on placement and targeting, which features our own Justin Freid, VP Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media, who counsels on the targeting capabilities Pharma can comfortably use.

Speaking of expert counsel, when I saw this article on email engagement I asked Jose Ferreira, Associate Director Customer Insights what he thought. “I think the article raises a good point about delivering relevant content to segments that are based on areas of specific interest. Beyond that it’s important to allow level of engagement (readership, not clicks) to dictate the frequency of sends. Audiences will innately tell you how much or how little to reach out to them. Adhering to those well-defined boundaries is critical to success in the email channel.”

Ed Silverman reports for the Wall Street Journal that reports of the death of the sales rep have been greatly exaggerated – or at least a little exaggerated. According to research by Cutting Edge Information, overall Pharma is still hiring reps; Silverman writes: “The pharmaceutical industry has shed thousands of sales representatives over the past decade, but drug makers continue to invest in hiring and training, albeit at rates that are only slightly higher than what was seen several years ago.”

Now that Super Bowl is but a memory, advertisers are placing their bets on March Madness: debuting new ads, running marketing campaigns, and overall looking for any way to link their product to the event. (Thanks Calvin Butts, VP Strategic Services for this story.)

And here’s today’s quick news sweep:
• Qualcomm is holding a contest to see who can build a real medical tricorder, a la Star Trek
Measles is back in New York City, thanks to “anti-vaxxers” – people who don’t believe in vaccines
• A company called Bragi has beat Apple to the punch to create earphones that monitor health (thanks Samantha Bogus, Assistant Media Planner, for this tip)
• eMarketer reports that desktop search ad spending is down, but mobile search ad spending is up
• Stanford University surgeons used augmented reality on Google Glass as part of a live-streamed demonstration to other surgeons around the world. As the article explains, “To their eyes, looking through the Glass, they can see the procedure illustrated step by step with images superimposed over the skin of the model.” (Thanks COO Jim Woodland for this story.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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