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The Scoop – Most Connected Person | Electronic Tattoos | Celebrity Health News March 17, 2014

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Happy Monday, and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day, especially to my colleagues Brian Cunningham, Patti Flannery, Bill Kelly and Ketul Shah.

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I used to think that our CEO Stan Woodland was the most-wired person in the world; at one point he was wearing up to 4 trackers per day and he is an early adopter on nearly every new technology. But now there’s Chris Dancy, who regularly uses 300 trackers and sometimes up to 700. His tracking obsession began when he developed a medical condition that doctors couldn’t diagnose; he now tracks everything from his sleep to his weight to his dogs.

Electronic tattoos have huge implications in health and they’re very cool; PC World gives a great overview of what they are, where they are currently in development, and the potential they have. Essentially, they’re like kids’ temporary tattoos made of extremely thin material that adheres to the skin. This could work well in health tracking such as body temperature and pulse, and as the technology improves might also be able to track more stats as it sends data directly to the HCP or EHR.

Congratulations to our partner Doximity, which now has 40% of US doctors signed on to its social network.

Quite a bit in this week’s celebrity health news. The Obama administration’s latest creative push to recruit more young people to sign up for health insurance is a 2-minute video featuring the moms of celebrities talking about their famous children, and urging all young people to get insurance, “Seriously, do you want your moms to have a nervous breakdown” chides Jonah Hill’s mom. Comedian David Brenner has died of cancer. Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has been diagnosed with cancer; it’s well-assumed that he also has Crohn’s Disease. Dingbat Reality Star Kristin Cavallari has decided not to vaccinate her children; meanwhile former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy – who apparently does not have her medical degree (what?!?) – was criticized on Twitter for her anti-vaccination activism.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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