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The Scoop – Google Knowledge Graph for Pharma | Mobile Search Clicks Increasing | ACA Madness March 18, 2014

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A recent POV explaining the implications of Google’s Knowledge Graph updates for pharma – written by two of our search experts – was highlighted in Richard Meyer’s World of DTC Marketing blog. You can see Conor Hafertepe and Mark Barletta’s POV in full here to learn in 5 minutes all you need to know about the upgrades.

Senior Campaign Analyst Phil Turicik shared some interesting news from eMarketer about Google, pulling out the following takeaways: Mobile paid search clicks on Google are increasing rapidly and digital ad spend is following suit. U.S. mobile ad spending grew by more than 120% in 2013 while desktop ad spending increased by less than 3%. Google estimates that mobile search will make up more than a quarter of its total revenue in 2014, up from about 19% last year. This is just the latest part of the story regarding the consumer shift away from desktop use and spending more time on tablets and phones.

The White House continues to pull out all the marketing stops in getting young Americans to sign up for health insurance before March 31; the latest is a March Madness bracket-themed campaign, as well as some pop culture cat bizarreness. I can has insurance?

Reuters reports that US doctors are becoming hesitant to prescribe generics from Indian manufacturers because of recent FDA recalls.

Stanford University has developed an iPhone ophthalmology kit for $90 that replaces current equipment worth tens of thousands.

A new report shows that most consumers would be willing to share data from self-tracking to research projects, provided their information stay private.

Cloud storage company Box gets serious about entering the health arena; most recently hiring White House CTO Aneesh Chopra and former Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman to its executive team.

A study to test the benefits of chocolate for health is beginning soon, and I cannot sign up fast enough. (Thanks VP Audience Strategy Taryn Tarantino for this article.)

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-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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