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The Scoop – Smartwatch Advertising | Twitter Ad Adoption Issues | Teddy Bear Clinic March 25, 2014

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Once smartwatch and fitness tracker adoption has hit a critical point, advertising options for marketers will boom, surmises Mashable, explaining that this is ushering in the age of advanced hypertargeting. Ad placement won’t just be based on reach and frequency – it could also factor in elements we’re currently using with mobile such as location and user behavior, yes, but on top of that could even include the user’s current pulse rate (which the article jokes could be a reminder about coffee.)

And speaking of wearables, a notable one is the Nymi, launching soon, which is definitely a standout. From its marketing video it seems that it’s neither a smartwatch nor a health/fitness tracker – it’s a key to unlocking and linking all of your technology. It’s a password killer and a personal assistant all in one. I want one. In related news, LG has a new smartwatch and Google has partnered with Ray Ban to hip-i-fy Google Glass.

Twitter is one of the most-discussed brands in the world, and yet they are having trouble getting marketers to utilize their ad platform. A report from Socialbakers found that only 23% of marketers are using the Twitter ad platform, versus 92% who said they use Facebook’s.

Riley Hospital for Children lets kids become the doctor with the super-adorbs Teddy Bear Clinic.

While you have your tissues out, look at the incredibly moving images from the AbbVie Gallery, a pop-up gallery devoted to the patient experience. The gallery was created to show the emotion experienced by those with psoriasis, RA and Crohn’s.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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