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The Scoop – Digital Eclipses TV Ad Spend | Experts Split on FDA | Viral Videos of the Week March 26, 2014

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Facebook and Google dominate in US total media ad spending, with Google expecting to earn $19.1 billion and Facebook to earn $4.8 billion. Digital numbers are just now eclipsing TV ad spend. On a related note, a new study says that 16% of TV viewers are using social media at the same time.

Experts are split in their opinions of the FDA’s release of draft guidance around providing reprints and other materials to doctors from a few weeks ago, according to a new Ed Silverman for Wall Street Journal article. He explains: “On one hand, the agency is being praised for trying to move the ball forward, given ongoing uncertainty over disseminating material that contains off-label uses. Although physicians may prescribe a drug as they see fit, many drug makers have been fined for promoting their medicines for uses not approved by the FDA. Yet at the same time, the FDA is being criticized for being overly restrictive concerning some materials and for also failing to specifically address First Amendment issues that have figured prominently in some recent court rulings about drug marketing.”

Two videos have gone viral this week, and they’re polar opposites. The first is – unless I’m mistaken, which I may be because it’s a little fuzzy –a tongue-in-cheek way for a stock video agency to showcase their product while having fun at the same time in a video that teases us advertisers for our use of stock video. It’s pretty fun to watch. The second is an ad for Weight Watchers from Australia that still manages to capture genuine emotion in this cynical world by urging people to remember their strong selves and not give up on the quest for health.

Two big acquisitions this week: yesterday it was reported that Facebook has acquired virtual reality company Oculus; also Intel is acquiring fitness tracker company Basis Science. The first makes you think you were exercising and the second proves to you that you weren’t.

The Obama Administration is giving a little more leeway to those who haven’t yet signed up for health insurance. If they at least start the online process pre-March 31 deadline, they now have a little extra time to complete it beyond the deadline.

Doctors (and not nurses) can raise patients’’ blood pressure, according to a new study.

Finally: generation by birth year. Now I know who’s X, who’s Y, and where those Millennials are coming from.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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