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The Scoop – Adobe Maturity Benchmark Study | Autism in the Womb | Digital Connection Gap March 27, 2014

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Campaign Analyst Patti Flannery shares top takeaways from the recent Adobe maturity benchmark study. If you’d like to see the full copy of the study let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.
Adobe conducted a benchmark study to determine the current status of analytics practices internationally. The aggregate data created a benchmark that allows companies to compare their own digital analytics practice to the practices of similar organizations.
The study found that overall, organizations across a variety of industries report performing best in the dimensions of Strategy and Application. The research suggests that organizations are recognizing the importance of digital analytics for business optimization and are taking the tactical steps necessary to incorporate data-driven decision-making processes across their organizations. But, the research also showed the relative weakness of the Collection, Automation, and Analysis processes and the room for growth those dimensions offer for firms who want to see their digital analytics ability reach its potential.
Looking Forward/Recommendations:
Digital analytics practices are maturing. The strategic value of analytics is now recognized and has earned it a seat at the executive table. Organizations are investing in data-driven decision making across the business. New roles have emerged, demanding greater analytical skills. Digital marketers have proliferated. Data scientists are in demand to integrate and analyze “Big Data” and uncover strategic business insights. There is a demand for marketers comfortable with analysis who can thrive in a digital world. Analytics is a must-have skill for today’s successful marketer.
But, organizations must build the right analytics foundation to succeed. If they are weak on data collection or analysis, the data will not be trusted and could ultimately impede the progress of data-driven decision making. Digital analytics is the foundation of digital marketing. It is critical that the foundation is stable. An unstable foundation means that any marketing activity fed with analytics data personalization, social media, ad optimization, marketing campaigns will ultimately be unreliable.

New science news may shake up things on the anti-vaccine front: research has found that that first signs of autism appear in the womb.

A new study by Accenture shows a gap between what patients expect and what industry provides via social media, websites and other digital channels. MM&M reports that “In not one of the desired patient touchpoints did pharma reach a satisfaction level of at least 50% of the polled patients. The closest the industry came to fulfilling patient demand was in providing patient information, and that was at the 48% mark among the 2,000 polled individuals.”

An area where pharma is leading, however, is in harnessing Big Data to enable better outcomes. Merck, for example, is partnering with data firms and Boston Children’s Hospital to harness and utilize information about insomnia. MM&M also reports that this is a sign of a positive trend, as it cites Big Data initiatives by Pfizer, Sanofi and AstraZeneca as well.

Twitter has released a few changes including the ability to add up to 4 photos to tweets and to tag people, and is also experimenting with replacing the RT button with a Share button.

Here is how life is supposed to go: career, wedding, kids (maybe not in that order). But for many, cancer slips in somewhere along the lines, and threatens the rest. This moving account of how one woman beat cancer and re-discovered how to live as a survivor is worth a read and a few tissues.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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