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The Scoop – Celebrating 25 Years | Best Practices in Paid Media | Imagining the Future April 3, 2014

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Who else loves #tbt – Throwback Thursday? We’re celebrating today in a VERY special way – by kicking off our 25th Anniversary! Yes, when cellphones were the size of bricks and Google’s founders were still in high school, Stan Woodland began making his dream a reality, and now our family of companies is working with the best clients, the best supplier partners, and we have the best talent I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with – I love this place! We are going to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary all year long. Keep your eyes open for some fun #tbt at our Facebook and Twitter feeds, now rebranded (and at new URLs) to reflect our family of companies CMI/Compas.

EVP Eugene Lee spoke at the ClickZ conference earlier this week in a session focusing on best practices in paid media with an emphasis on search. Key takeaways from this fantastic presentation:
• Know your audience
• Be everywhere (the right places)
• Manage the experience
• Evaluate and measure
A high-level important point that Eugene made was around how search needs to be managed with ALL other paid media tactics. You can’t think of it in a silo, you need to do this both operationally (the search person needs to talk to the website designer, the print creative director, etc.) as well as tactically (you can’t launch a print ad without having a search campaign running yet), etc.

As much as we look back (#tbt!) we also look forward, and thank you to CMIO Susan Dorfman for this cool article that imagines life as it soon will be – self-driving cars, automated store checkouts that ‘sense’ your presence, and even the idea of money itself is turned completely on its head. Mind: blown.

And now to an essay of musings on the future of healthcare. A physician points out the many ways that our information age has moved the ‘owner’ of healthcare from HCPs to patients – test results and records are now more available, patients go into clinical trials with eyes wide open, and in general access to information is so much better than it was even just a few years ago. He ends with this thought: “As consumers take control of the future of healthcare, an unprecedented era of medical progress will soon be upon us.”

Did you want an infographic on how men and women use social media and mobile? I thought you did!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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