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The Scoop – Talk Back Ads | Anti-Vacc PR Nightmare |Anti-Counterfeiting April 7, 2014

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NPR is experimenting with a new ad technology that allows listeners to talk back to an ad to learn more about the brand. Toys R Us and JetBlue have used this over the past year and report increased engagement; no word on which of NPR’s advertisers will be the first to jump in.

A lot of press attention this weekend around the anti-vaccine movement, and it seems to show a marked increase in pro-vacc sentiment. USA Today ran a story with gripping photos showing the horrible effects of diseases returning and impacting children. Chili’s restaurants underwent a PR nightmare when they experienced massive customer backlash around plans to hold a fundraiser for an anti-vacc charity; it resulted in Chili’s cancelling the fundraiser.

Eli Lilly is kicking off a multi-million dollar anti-counterfeiting campaign that centers around the use of serial numbers to try to outsmart the ever-savvy counterfeiters.

HIV-prevention drug Truvada is facing an incredibly complex social backlash situation as detailed by Associated Press; some who use the drug have eschewed other preventative measures, which is looked down upon by the gay community. Some as a result are saying that the drug causes steps back in HIV prevention as a result.

MIT’s famous Hackathon has turned its focus on health, providing out-of-the-box thinking for doctors and scientists. One cute example from Wall Street Journal: “The upsides of hackathons were made clear to Sharon Moalem, a physician who studies rare diseases. He had spent years developing a mobile app that can take pictures of faces to help diagnose rare genetic conditions, but was stumped on how to give the images a standard size scale to make comparisons. At the hackathon, Dr. Moalem said he was approached by an MIT student who suggested sticking a coin on the subjects’ forehead. Since quarters have a standard measurement, it ‘creates a scale,’ said Dr. Moalem. Dr. Moalem said he had never considered such a simple, elegant solution.”

Here you go, Game of Thrones fans: social media, if it were each of the houses.

A little girl’s vision was saved when her mother posted her photo to Facebook and friends immediately noticed telltale signs of a rare eye condition.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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