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The Scoop – Diabetes Innovation Backlash | What Patients Want from Pharma | Drugstore Clinics April 8, 2014

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This weekend’s New York Times included a cover story on the increasing cost of high-tech innovation in diabetes management, and this resulted in an interesting backlash among the diabetes community, many of whom were saying that although the article shed light on an important issue, it isn’t fair to criticize the cost of necessary and relevant innovation. DiabetesMine quotes from Twitter: “…like how it suggests that Type 1 patients are getting insulin pumps so they can eat fruit cobbler?” and “…advances cost $$ but improve & lengthen many lives.” And from DiabetesMine’s Amy Tendrich: “What?! Minute-by-minute glucose readings offer just “dubious improvement”? Does this Dr. Z have the slightest idea what it’s like to live with a broken pancreas that can set your sugar levels swinging at a moment’s notice?”

So what do patients want? An Accenture report says 76% feel pharma should be providing information and services to help them manage their health, and nearly as many think this should happen both at the start of treatment and after.

PharmaTimes reports Genentech is partnering with PatientsLikeMe to better understand the patient experience and to “look for innovative ways to research patients’ real-world experience with disease and treatment.”

The Wall Street Journal covered the growing trend of drugstore-based walk-in clinics; at this time CVS’s MinuteClinic is the largest with more than 800 locations, Walgreen’s has about 400 and there are about 1,600 nationwide. They are often run by NPs or PAs rather than MDs.

Some publishers – including Rolling Stone and US Weekly – are experimenting with sponsored content in their comments sections, and interesting but risky move.

And today in anti-vacc news, the headline really says it all: “Measles At A Rock Concert Goes Viral In A Bad Way.”

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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