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The Scoop – Four Ways to Patient Centricity | Awesome Ad of the Day | Rumor Alert April 9, 2014

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Patient centricity is a major goal for most of our industry, but how to truly understand what patients want? A Harvard Business Review article highlights four important approaches used by the Cleveland Clinic: (thank you to Fred Foard for this story.)
• Create patient advisory councils.
• Dig deeper into patients’ experiences.
• Have leaders make regular rounds.
• Tell stories.

Awesome ad of the day: a 3D kitchen hiding subtly in the classified section. What do you think – too subtle, or just right?

Twitter is reading from Facebook’s playbook apparently with the launch of a more media-rich user page setup yesterday.

Rumor alert! Apple may be launching iWatch in September – and it’s curvier than a Kardashian.

Super-cool: a hospital in London is growing body parts – including noses and tear ducts – using stem cells.

In the continued quest to build a better…pillbox… MedeStat has created and is crowdfunding one that attaches to a smartphone; it of course has a complementary reminder/adherence app.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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