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The Scoop – Medicare Data | Google Keyword Data | Top 50 Brand Ranking April 10, 2014

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Two news stories have created a big buzz around the office this week.

The first, as the NY Times reports: “The Medicare data — all for 2012 and the subject of an intense legal battle — provides an unprecedented look at the practice of medicine across the country, shedding fresh light on the treatment decisions physicians and other practitioners make every day. It will also provide consumers with an ability to compare doctors and treatments in a way they have never had until now.” As Susan Dorfman explained this complex issue to me, it helps create transparency at the HCP and treatment level like never before. We’re watching this like hawks.

The second: Search Engine Land has reported that “Google will soon stop passing keyword data to analytics software even for AdWords advertisers.” This caused a ripple among our teams around the effect this might have on keyword strategy. Overall, according to our search team, this will not have a negative effect. It does change the way our search marketing experts will be measuring and planning keyword-based strategy, but our team has devised a work-around that maintains the current level of excellence.

New GlobalData ranking confirms that AbbVie’s Humira maintains its spot as top pharma brand. The full PharmaLive list includes 50 ranked brands.

At least 2/3 of doctors use mobile apps at work, 1 in 4 say they use apps to help with diagnosis, and many doctors have expressed they’d like to do more with mobile, according to a new survey.

The future of healthcare is imagined in video, and it is glorious – Google Glass finally harnessed to help with all aspects of patient care. What better complement than the patient side of things? This is the best use of Google Glass in medicine that I’ve seen yet: how the device could help people with Parkinson’s, as illustrated in video.

But the past just won’t go away… The infamous medical coding system that many would love to see go away will stick around a little longer because of a Congress-enacted delay in the deadline to replace it.

If you’ve been worried about the Heartbeat computer virus, here’s a list of the passwords you should be changing today.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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