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The Scoop – From Facebook to Snapchat | Doctor Payments | What’s a Walkman? April 14, 2014

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 4:00 pm

You’ve heard the stats that younger users are migrating away from Facebook – now a trend has begun where brands are leaving as well, not just to follow teens to the next big thing, but also because they’re dissatisfied with the options and opportunities Facebook offers marketers. So where are teens and forward-thinking brands going? Snapchat is one (unlikely but true) destination, especially for brands looking to offer content that feels exclusive and elusive. For example, HBO’s Girls used Snapchat for a campaign that gave behind-the-scenes looks at the show for a short time.

For those interested in last week’s story on Medicare payment information being released to the public, this story offers an interesting follow-up, with a reminder that the payments do not go directly to doctors’ salaries – there are many factors and variables. This includes situations where doctors are corrupt, but more importantly the information does not include other details, such as payments received from other sources (non-Medicare patients for example) and overhead costs that all lend to an understanding of what the doctor actually takes home.

And speaking of costs, a new trend that doctors need to become aware of is that more-informed and cost-conscious patients are beginning to question and even decline tests and treatments based on cost.

Two stories today offer a totally great blast from the past; first, a video showing young children trying to figure out what a Walkman is, second is a look at the first concept of an iPad.

Amazon is planning to release a smartphone.

Good Pesach starting today to all who celebrate.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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