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The Scoop-Tax Day| The Print Ad| Thanks to Pharmacists April 15, 2014

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Let’s get started by showing some love for the journal print ad. This article is worth the read, and is a good reminder of the impact a powerful print ad can have with physician audiences. Want to know more about how, when, and where healthcare providers consume media? Our Media VitalsTM research can answer your questions; just ask your CMI/Compas account rep or our sales team for access to the insights.

Google Glass becomes available to all in the US today. If you buy it, we’d love to hear your thoughts.
More than 6 million children (wow) have been diagnosed with ADHD, opening up concern of misdiagnosis and overtreatment with good reason. Yet a new condition called sluggish cognitive tempo is being researched by mental health experts. We’ll continue to watch results of this research and share.
Hooray for pharmacists. Studies show that pharmacists’ involvement in the care of patients and adjustments to medications have been beneficial to stroke survivors.
Google has purchased drone firm Titan Aerospace. Sportsetter improves its workout routine app. And here are some suggestions for what to do with your tax return.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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