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The Scoop – Evolution in Digital Ad Units | Google’s Glass Experiment | Blockbuster to Specialty April 16, 2014

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I shared this article about the evolution in digital ad units with a few colleagues and here is some interesting feedback I got in return:

Advertisers want more than impressions. They want potential customers to interact and engage with their brand. Publishers have created a somewhat satisfying solution. By offering premium placements such as this article touches on, a custom user experience can be delivered to the consumer that is more than just some flashing words and a call to action. These enriched experiences provide a significant improvement of brand interaction when compared to display ads. But they also come with a significant increase in cost for the ad placement and for the building of the interactive creative. If you happen to have visited Yahoo, YouTube or MSN’s homepage over the past few years, you have been exposed to these ads before. It is extremely important for the creative and opportunity to interact with the brand is done right. If not, a poor user experience can leave an extremely bad taste in a consumer’s mouth. – Justin Freid, Vice President, Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media

I see Pharma moving here too eventually …But looking into the crystal ball it will certainly demand more thought and strategy behind developing our clients’ digital campaigns. The creative will need be more customized to each platform, and the pressure will be on agencies like CMI to better understand our target physician to develop these niche like digital campaigns with a better expectation of success. And when that time comes, fortunately we will have insights from sources like Media Vitals, ByDoctor and a best-in-class DSP to deliver on those laser-focused audience assessments. – Brian Cunningham, Account Director

Let’s keep riding the innovation train this morning; Google’s sales experiment yesterday, where they opened up Glass sales to any ‘ol person, was a success – they sold out. Google also got positive press for expanding their contact lens patent (which you may remember is aiming to help diabetics) to include a tiny camera. Hmm. DNA tests may replace the pap smear (oh darn,) but some are not happy about this. And here’s 14 innovations that will change technology as we know it – I think the wall-sized screens are the most 1984.

A report by IMS Health shows the shift – from a dollars and cents perspective – from blockbuster to specialty. It also showed an increase in doctor visits and prescriptions, which it credits to the improvement in the economy. Thanks to Phillip Katz, Manager, Insights & Analytics for sharing this article.

A Deloitte poll found that 58% of healthcare organizations were disappointed in the 1-year delay of ICD-10.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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