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The Scoop – Chicken Corsage | Print Versus Digital | Native Ads April 18, 2014

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I can’t help but make this today’s top story: it’s prom season, and KFC has partnered with a florist to offer fried chicken corsages. That’s right, as part of a promotion limited to just 100 purchases (cough-PR stunt-cough), lovely young ladies can combine the intoxicating smell of flowers with the intoxicating smell of chicken grease. I showed this story to a Millennial to gauge a response and she said “haha omg.”

Yesterday EVP Eugene Lee attended the monthly AMM meeting, which featured consultant Regina Kulkowski. Eugene shared that Kulkowski focused on the important differences between print and digital that result in the two being used quite differently. Print is tactile; people of all ages like to hold it and as such spend more time with it. Digital has most of us, especially the generations of all of us reading these words, conditioned to look quickly to find information and so we spend less time there. HCPs spend 22-45 minutes on print, compared with 74 seconds online for the same content. While we are certainly going to change behaviors, we don’t think we are going to change our human ways of processing. Eugene and I discussed this a bit in the context of children (doctors and patients of the future) and the fact that even today’s tech-centered kids still interact with print at a very high rate, from books to coloring pages. Interestingly, Evernote and Moleskine just announced a new notebook that allows handwritten notes to be instantly uploaded to digital files, offering the best experiences of both media.

Conde Nast has joined other consumer publishers to begin offering native advertising across all of its properties, including Glamour and Self. Previously Conde’s Wired had been featuring native ads that Wired created, but with this move Conde joins its competitors to offer it across all of its publications and to feature native advertising as a major offering.

Phillip Katz, Manager, Insights & Analytics shared an interesting article about an important legal battle that may determine how far companies can go in protecting themselves from future lawsuits around their products. Phil pointed out this quote in particular: “When you’re talking about food, you’re also talking about things that can kill people,” said Scott L. Nelson, a lawyer at Public Citizen, a nonprofit advocacy group. “There is a huge difference in the stakes, between the benefit you’re getting from this supposed contract you’re entering into by, say, using the company’s website to download a coupon, and the rights they’re saying you’re giving up. That makes this agreement a lot broader than others out there.”

Startups have high hopes for Google Glass in healthcare – at least four of them are devoted to developing physician-serving apps for the device, reports MobiHealthNews.

A new study says that doctors feel vitamins are a waste of money – a big statement for the $28 billion industry. (Thanks to Robert Kadar, SVP Customer Development, for this story.)

Today’s inspiration: 24 Steve Jobs quotes. Here’s one to live by – Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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