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The Scoop – Tough Mudder | Wearable Tech Buzz | Google and Apple Hire in Health April 21, 2014

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A very happy Easter to those who celebrated this weekend. And a huge congratulations to Eugene Lee, Ben Attix, Melissa Wackes, Karel Lahmy and Bill Kelly, the CMI/Compas team who completed Tough Mudder Saturday, a grueling endurance race. Photos of our finishers are now on Facebook. We are all so proud of you!

Nike caused some buzz this weekend with press leaks that they’re either leaving or changing how they play in the lucrative wearable tech space. Associate Campaign Analyst Katelyn Inman shared: Wearable fitness trackers have been making big moves recently and now gyms as starting to take action. Gym franchises are not only endorsing certain wearable fitness trackers, but they are integrating them into their business models. The article discusses how certain gyms are testing and selling their preferred trackers in house and will look in to bundling them with membership fees in the future. Many gyms are categorizing this new service as “virtual coaching”. You can link up with your trainer through the device, allowing them to monitor your activity and interact with you via e-mail or text to motivate you outside of the usual gym environment. A service like this would hold clients more accountable to their outside activities and hopefully improve their training program results. Could this translate over into the healthcare space where physicians could write up an exercise plan and then ensure you are participating?

Meanwhile Google and Apple continue to play hard in health, each making a major hire this week that shows their commitment, Google with a top scientist for Project Calico, and Apple hiring a young startup leader with apparent FDA approval experience.

Medical scribes are in higher demand as a solution for those doctors struggling with EHRs.

Facebook will reveal plans for a mobile ad network at its April 30 coding conference.

Our good news of the day, thanks to science: laughing may help your brain in a positive way, including helping you remember more; also, there seems to be a direct correlation between chocolate consumption and winning the Nobel Prize – so there you have it, enjoy a chocolate bar and a laugh for the sake of your intelligence.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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