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The Scoop – Physician Search Behavior | TV Evolution | Design Inspiration April 22, 2014

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Good morning and Happy Earth Day,
A study on physician Internet search behavior published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine revealed recurring patterns; I shared this story with Andrew Miller, Supervisor, Search Engine Marketing, who shared this response: Analyzing daily/weekly search behavior & trends is part of our regular optimization strategy. Through “Ad Scheduling” we can allocate budget and set keyword level bids to run during specific times on any day of the week when necessary. For example, we may want to increase our bids and daily budget on Mon-Tues if we see a large number of searches during this time and scale back on the weekends placing our budgets in optimal areas of conversion. Our Media Vitals research identified that:
• 25% of HCPs frequently access the internet for professional purposes in the early morning (before office hours).
• 35% of HCPs frequently access the internet for professional purposes during weekday office hours.
• 41% of HCPs frequently access the internet for professional purposes in the evening (after office hours).
• 19% of HCPs frequently access the internet for professional purposes on the weekends (during office hours).
• 40% of HCPs use search engines 1-3 times per day.
• 56% of HCPs use Google at least once a day.
Due to our expertise in managing HCP specific paid search campaigns, we have been able to set device and time of day benchmarks across all specialties. We tend to see the majority of traffic coming through on weekdays but being able to optimize a campaign at a daily level allows for a more targeted and cost efficient campaign.

iMedia reports: “Television is one of the biggest channels yet to fully embrace digital. Here’s how LG is dragging it into the 21st century.” The evolution includes static ads as part of live TV, enabling consumers to click in an image shown for more information, as well as remote controls that allow more interactivity. Thanks to SVP Adam Scott Roberts for sharing this story.

Today’s design inspiration: some of the world’s most creative packaging is inspired by human organs; check out numbers 9 and 19 in this fun list of 25 packaging designs.

Cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes has nearly doubled since 1988.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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