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The Scoop – What Google’s Launches Mean for You | Pharma Deal Time | Snapchat’s Ad Appeal April 23, 2014

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There was a bit of buzz this week around ‘something Google was going to launch,’ and Conor Hafertepe, Assistant Analyst, Search Engine Marketing, reports on what that something was, as well as how it affects you: Yesterday during a much-hyped announcement, Google rolled out a few new changes to coming to Google AdWords:
• Focus on Apps – Google is drifting away from the narrow focus on “app downloads” to a broader concept of in-app conversions, as well as adding in-app landing pages.
• Expanded Estimated Total Conversions: Better measurement of conversion potential with the incorporation of mobile-to-desktop conversion estimation.
• AdWords Labs – an expansion of the AdWords Campaign Experiments to allow for better testing and tweaking of live campaigns.
• “Enterprise Class Tools” – Bulk action capabilities, automated bidding and enhanced reporting, all within the AdWords interface.
This announcement was a sigh of relief to search marketers, who feared fundamental changes in how they ran campaigns, like last year’s “enhanced campaigns” announcement. Instead, the changes are adding some additional tools to search marketers to help them better focus their campaigns and run day-to-day operations more smoothly. For HCP-centric marketing, the announcement will lead to better targeting for apps designed for HCPs, and some new reporting functions for search marketers, but no major changes to how campaigns are run. See more on the announcements from MediaPost.

Pharma had a good ‘ol square dance yesterday, where everyone took a step to their right to dance with a new partner. MM&M reports beautifully: “In short: Glaxo is giving up its vaccines business to Novartis for $7.1 billion, Novartis is buying GlaxoSmithKline’s oncology business for $14.5 billion, and Lilly—not Merck as has been rumored—is buying the Novartis animal health business. In addition, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline are going into business together in a joint-venture consumer business of which GSK will be the major shareholder. The respective deals are expected to wrap during the first half of 2015.” Whew, that’s a mouthful.

Very interesting article on Snapchat advertising in MediaPost pointing out that it’s possible the major appeal of posting content there is that the scarcity of said content – gone within 24 hours – creates a higher perceived value among audiences. If something’s only available for a limited time, don’t you want it more? McDonald’s, which bases the entire McRib marketing strategy on this very idea, had the MediaPost reporter facepalming because she missed one of their Snapchat ads by a few hours.

After a hearing, NPR reports, “the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted 14-0 against recommending that the agency approve Moxduo, the first drug to combine morphine and oxycodone into one capsule. The committee also voted unanimously that the drug’s developer had not proved that Moxduo is less likely to cause potentially life-threatening respiratory suppression than taking morphine or oxycodone alone.”

Health innovations of the day: it’s a toss-up between a bionic eye, which is soon to be implanted in a Michigan man; and the fast-healing (superhero-looking) 3D-printed cast. And yet, the winner may actually be a technique scientists have begun using to ‘edit’ DNA to cure disease in living animals – holy caw! (Thanks COO Jim Woodland for this article.)

Better, a new concierge service app launched by Mayo Clinic gives anyone access to nurse advice and healthcare information for a monthly fee. It includes a symptom checker that incorporates users’ medical history. (Thanks VP Taryn Tarantino for this article.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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