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The Scoop – 3 Healthcare Predictions | Chocolate is Good for You | FDA Restricting e-Cigarettes April 24, 2014

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If you have about 10 minutes today, here’s the article I recommend you read: “Moore’s Law in Healthcare – Three Predictions” is a fun-to-read analysis of how overall tech innovation will continue to affect healthcare, and includes such gems as “the real economic product of the healthcare system is a diagnosis” and “Pretty soon, both patients and providers are copiloting the plane, rather than looking at the map.

News flash: chocolate is good for you! Rejoice!

FDA is considering putting more restrictions on e-cigarettes, and people on Twitter are miffed.

Ladies who can’t abide the look of wearables currently on the market may want to snatch up the new Misfit Bloom, a necklace designed to hold its Shine fitness tracker.

HBO will begin streaming shows on Amazon Prime – but new shows will still have a three year lag time before it hits the service. So, although HBO is doing what they can to reach non-cable customers, they’re still under cable’s thumb.

Google yesterday launched a kind of cool offering within Maps’ Street View – you can now view previous Maps images dating back to the service’s launch in 2007, if you want to compare how, for example, your street has changed over the years. They call it Time Machine, but unfortunately you can only go 88 miles per hour on your desktop for now.

The New Yorker has joined the fray of press criticizing the reaction to transparency around Medicare payments, saying that because many payments from group or hospital practices are made under one supervising physician’s name rather than broken down individually, the numbers are misleading. The article goes on to point out that while transparency is good, it still doesn’t address the bigger issues of our healthcare system.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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