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The Scoop – MedAdNews Manny Awards | Facebook Moves | Pinterest Enters Search Arena April 25, 2014

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Last night was an exciting one at the Manny awards as you can see from our Facebook and Twitter feeds – we were up for a Vision award, and while we did not win, it was truly, truly an honor to be nominated – in a rather competitive world, how does a “media planning and buying” company become a 1-of-3 finalist for an award that normally goes to “creative agencies”? The judges told us that we were finalists because of the strategic work we do for our clients and because of the way we have influenced the industry overall including the introduction of proprietary innovation that has shaken things up, beginning 25 years ago at the company’s founding and through today. I have never been prouder of my colleagues and really feel like a winner this morning! The MedAdNews agency issue will be hitting mailboxes soon and will include a profile of CMI/Compas.

Facebook knows almost everything about you, but not everything, so it’s purchased a fitness tracking company (named Moves, funny enough), so now they know EVERYTHING. It will be very interesting to see how they bring this new data to advertisers.

Pinterest has entered the search arena with an offering that centers around Guided Search, which aims to do more to help the user find what they need. Time will tell if this is a David or Goliath story, or whether Google will just squash them like a bug.

New York Times brilliantly commissioned cancer patients to blog about their experience, and Living with Cancer offers a poignant glimpse into the experience.

Vaccines are important, despite what an ex-Playboy model may have told you; in fact, a recent CDC report shows they’ve saved approximately 732,000 lives in the last two decades.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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