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The Scoop – MedAdNews Agency Issue | Top Media Planner Digital Concerns | Patient Engagement April 29, 2014

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The MedAdNews agency issue is out and for the first time ever, the entire issue is available online. “Brand managers who want to find out what promotional channels and messages their target HCPs are being exposed to are quickly turning to CMI/Compas’ HCP-level audience engagement services,” begins this year’s profile of CMI/Compas. For those audiences brands have found especially challenging to reach, CMI/Compas executives say the agency has been able to take a unique approach to engagement with a fully measurable, customer insights focused model called Own the Audience. Click here to see the full article.

If you asked a media planner the top two (work-related!) things on their mind, you’d probably hear “how to do my job smarter and more efficiently,” and more specifically as Conversant learned when they did just such a survey, mobile measurement and real-time bidding tops the list in concerns around digital media. Video and social advertising also topped the list of digital media that media professionals want to learn more about.

Consultant, CMI Alumnus and Scoop Reader Fred Foard shared the following: Enlightening discussion (see link) in which James Dias says that what is really meant is “helping the patient” but doing it from the patient’s perspective. He points to 4 “themes” by which one can assess whether a tactic or strategy intended to constitute so-called “patient engagement” is actually doing this.

Facebook has been rather busy on the advertising side, with a new Business Manager dashboard for large advertisers, and plans to roll out at a conference this Wednesday an audience-based ad network.

Today’s hot Hollywood health news: Valerie Harper has been sued by her Broadway producer boss for not disclosing that she has cancer.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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