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The Scoop – What You’re Searching For | Zuckerberg’s New T-shirt | Wearables for Preschoolers May 1, 2014

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What’s important about Google’s updates to AdWords? Our VP of Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media Justin Freid explains in his column for Search Engine Watch. Hint: accountability is key. And on a related note, yet another study has shown that doctors are increasingly using search.

Two big events occurred yesterday; Facebook’s F8 conference for developers, at which – notably – Mark Zuckerberg wore a t-shirt rather than a hoodie – and close to a dozen small announcements such as the ability to ‘like’ third party mobile apps and more details around its new mobile ad network. Facebook is really focusing on courting developers to help take the company into the next few years, with Zuckerberg explaining to Wired “We need to give people more control over their information so that everyone feels comfortable using these products.”

The other big event was Wired Health, a highlight of which was CEO and cofounder of startup uMotif Digital Health Bruce Hellman putting health into the context of other consumer-focused industries, specifically around how our (marketer’s) access to current technology can change and improve the experience for consumers. He pointed out that health apps don’t just compete with each other, they compete with all apps available to a consumer, and that we need to find ways to start operating on the same level as other consumer offerings (including, he hints, behavioral targeting.) Thanks to Colleen Cottone, Project Manager, for this article.

CMIO Susan Dorfman shared this article that is focused on multi-cultural ad targeting but is really about all audiences, as the author writes: “If our view is skewed by myth, in what kind of shape are our consumer insights and how can we use them appropriately to guide us? Without a clear consumer- or audience-tuned strategy, how can our media or creative possibly resonate? How sharp can our optimization approach be as we practically, blindly adjust image, message, or any other modifiable aspect based on an unsound audience view?”

In other news:
The global pipeline of biosimilars has grown by 40%.
Does native advertising make a news site seem less credible? Nope.
Finally! Wearables for preschoolers!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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