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The Scoop – Daily Inspiration | AEs on Twitter | Unnecessary Tests May 2, 2014

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Yesterday’s HBA Woman of the Year awards luncheon was an inspiration – check out our Twitter feed for the highlights thanks to my team member Theresa Heintz, and our Facebook page for photos of the happy team that attended to cheer on our own Rising Star Beth Barron.

Adverse events are reported in Twitter – quite a bit actually – but few of the reports are actually useful, according to a new study that combed through Twitter comments such as “I got the flu shot yet somehow I’ve gotten the stomach flu twice in this month” to see which might be meaningful to FDA.

A study found that most doctors think their colleagues order way too many unnecessary tests, but in general they feel this is not financially motivated.

This doctor-authored article on inexpensive portable ultrasound machines gives great insight into the doctor day-to-day and how technology can positively affect it.

Risk of divorce increases when the wife – not the husband – becomes seriously ill, according to a new study.

Foursquare is making some major changes, essentially breaking up its app into two; Foursquare will be rebuilt as more of a Yelp-like offering for planning activities, and a new app called Swarm will feature check-ins and focus more on where you’ve been.

We have a team doing the Broad Street Run this weekend, in fact running alongside partners from WebMD and Medscape – if you’re in town and want to cheer them on let me know. Go team go!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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