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The Scoop – May the Fourth | Live from the ER | Second Screen Engagement May 5, 2014

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Yesterday was a big day; Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you), which many brands celebrated. It was also time for the Broad Street Run and you can see the happy faces of our team of finishers on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (thanks to Adam Scott Roberts, who organized the team, for the photos). And in the news yesterday, the article that spurred the most discussion around the breakfast table – in the Kuper home at least – was “A Vision of the Future,” an infographic created from asking futurists and innovators a series of questions about what the future will look like – go ahead, just try to read this and NOT have a strong opinion about one of the issues raised, it’s definitely a jump-start to the brain.

Associate Media Director Michele Sirkin shared the trailer for an already award-winning documentary coming out this summer, which focuses on the issues in our healthcare system: A friend of mine is a doctor/filmmaker, and he did a documentary about his time as a resident in Los Angeles ER.

Second-screen engagement is thriving, as can be witnessed by the number of brands tweeting during Game of Thrones. What do pharmaceutical products have to do with Game of Thrones? If you can figure it out, you are ahead of the game.

COO Jim Woodland shared this story about how the lure of distracting mobile devices affects even HCPs in the operating room, leading to major problems.

Also disturbing – diabetes is on the rise among young children.

Could telemedicine be the justification for communities to get better broadband?

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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