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The Scoop – Pharma 2014 Report | Dr. Apple | Ads of the Day May 9, 2014

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How are things looking in our industry following the patent cliff that affected so many? Pretty good actually, reports Marc Iskowitz and his colleagues at MM&M in their pharma 2014 report – it’s extensive and chock-full of good information on the top 20 in pharma.

Apple is in talks with a famous doctor to buy the technology he created; that’s right, Beats by Dr. Dre may soon be an Apple product.

Moving advertisement of the day – Happy Mother’s Day mommies – and thank you Google Glass for an ad that made me tear up….nearly as much as the early card my daughter gave me yesterday that said in her scraggly little handwriting “Mom, you are my hero.” Watch this and feel your heart lift.

Most-likely-to-go-viral ad of the day – the Jewish Film Festival nailed it in a promo for a Western with a twist – I guarantee this will make you laugh. By the way, I found this ad via Larry Dobrow’s writing; he’s easily the funniest writer in our industry today, and if you have a moment I highly recommend checking out his work. He also writes excellent pieces for MM&M.

A new study shows that 36% of those polled don’t know that Google Adwords are ads – in other words, don’t know the difference between paid and organic search results.

An app currently in development pulses to simulate braille, potentially turning any digital screen into something accessible to those who have impaired vision.

A new personalized alarm clock reads you the day’s news as you wake. Or, I can give you a call and read the Scoop to you in the fake accent of your choice.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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