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The Scoop – Star Wars Arms and Inception Dreams | Google’s Glass Golf Experiment | Inspiration of the Day May 12, 2014

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Let’s start off what’s sure to be a fantastic week with a heavy dose of innovation:
• A prosthetic arm inspired by Star Wars has gained FDA approval
• Scientists have successfully induced lucid dreaming in subjects via electrical current during sleep, similar to the movie Inception
• A startup has launched Mimi, an app that helps those with hearing loss; it can not only enhance hearing, it can simulate hearing loss so loved ones can understand what someone is going through (thanks VP Interactive Marketing Taryn Tarantino for this article)
• And then there’s a new skin cancer screening app, DermoScreen, with an 85% accuracy rate (thanks COO Jim Woodland for this article)
• And a new 3D printing pen that lets you print whatever, wherever (as long as it’s a straight thin line… thanks Media Planner Ami Patel for this article)
• New York City is making use of 7,000 unused payphones by turning them into free WiFi hot spots

Google continues to use interesting tactics in marketing Glass; in addition to the exclusive beta launch and the one-day test offering it to all buyers, they’re experimenting with one-off buying opportunities including offering Glass to golfers at The Player’s Championship in Florida.

Moving advertisement of the day – Save the Children know that diseases and war that kill children couldn’t possibly be made “sexy” – so how do they spread the word? By pointing out how truly un-sexy the topic is. Well done.

Global cultural inspiration of the day – a photo essay showing 23 individuals from around the world posing with the food they will consume that day.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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