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The Scoop – Tech at Every Age | What Patients Want in a Hospital | Telemedicine May 13, 2014

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Baby buzz: Health monitoring for babies is a new trend that is booming, with multiple companies getting into development and parents lining up to buy whatever they offer, but experts caution that some of the offerings are just junk, and definitely not meant for monitoring sick children.

Teen buzz: A study published in Pediatrics showed that iPads helped physicians determine if their teen patients were abusing drugs or alcohol. Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows a teenager, teens were more likely to open up via the iPad than directly to the doctor.

Senior buzz: AARP sees a large increase in apps targeting seniors, and MobiHealthNews profiles a list of top 10 including apps meant to help with medical bills as well as health monitoring.

A group of artists, led by one with a history of psychiatric issues, have decided to design the ultimate psychiatric hospital, one that would be geared 100% to patient needs. It’s interesting what they decided to include – art rooms, relaxation centers, and outdoor open spaces.

The popularity of telemedicine continues to grow; Associated Press profiles the experiences of patients using services like American Well that allow affordable remote doctor visits.

If you could mute anything, what would it be – your neighbor’s dog? Your boss? How about Twitter? The others will have to wait, but Twitter has just introduced a feature that lets you hide certain individuals’ comments on Twitter. So if your neighbor’s dog has a Twitter account, you’re in luck.

Publishers are experimenting with banner ad alternatives, realizing there’s many ways to reach consumers. Some are going the paid ad-free route, but they’re hesitant to do so. Digiday quotes Rick Edmonds, media business analyst at The Poynter Institute: “People complain about advertising and how annoying it is, but how much extra value is there in taking the ads away? Not all that much.”

Buzzword alert: webrooming – when consumers research online, but purchase in stores.

The OMsignal shirt contains sensors that can shoot stats to your iPhone including heart and breathing rate.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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