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The Scoop – Programmatic Buying Takeaways | Internet of Things Predictions | Jonathan Bush’s New Tell-All May 15, 2014

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Last night’s PhIMA event on programmatic buying offered some tidbits of interest – thanks to Media Account Supervisor Melissa Wackes for these takeaways:
• Programmatic buying will continue to grow as brands search for more ways to reach their target audience at the right time with relevant content
• Customization and dynamic creative are important to campaign success because they allow the message to be better tailored and provide a better user experience using available third party data
• Programmatic buying allows channels that traditionally support ‘push’ marketing efforts to act as ‘pull’ tactics. Targeting can be set to reach specific targets as they browse or look for content relevant to your brand, presenting the perfect opportunity to reach and convert these individuals
• Attribution and KPIs will continue to become more important in order to understand ROI and build smarter, better campaigns

Media Director Tamara Cane shared this article which she commented: “I think this is a really spot on example of how smart marketers can allow their ads to be present where their customers are active vs. passively just pushing out messages (i.e. TV).”

Pew has done an interesting new study on the Internet of Things, reaching out to a wide (1,600) number of experts in science and tech for their predictions. According to the New York Times, Pew found that it’s not just about the ‘niche’ products – eventually everyone will be connected in some way to their own “personal cloud” as it morphs from a few of us wearing Google Glass to everyone wearing connected contact lenses or implanted monitors. At least that’s what many think – others say it will go the other way and continue to sit firmly in the ‘geek’ world only.

Admit it, you’ve been wanting to hear more about the Bush family, especially since there’s been so darn much about the Clintons in the news lately. athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush answers the call with a new book, out today, called “Where Does It Hurt? An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care,” an excerpt of which is available now via The Health Care Blog. Spoiler alert in this sentence alone: “Our future looked fabulous, except for one problem: My cousin, the 43rd president of the United States, was about to sign a bill that could destroy us.” Juicy! Now on to your other top Bush question: why Lauren Bush Lauren? Answer: she married into the Ralph Lauren family.

As Mark Zuckerberg turns 30, here’s how he stacks up to my 30-year-old brother.

Shutterfly has generated unintentional buzz by sending a ‘congrats on your new baby’ email to the wrong list. Some say that any publicity is good publicity, but some consumers who are infertile have taken to Twitter to chide the company.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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