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The Scoop – Special Knitting Edition | Net Neutrality | Pain Pill Landscape May 16, 2014

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Do you knit? I’ve heard there are more knitters than golfers in the world, and have been wanting for a while to dedicate a Scoop day to this health-related, increasingly popular craft. Yes – health related! It’s amazing the information I was able to find on how knitting relates to health. Thanks to fellow knitter Taryn Tarantino for also contributing multiple articles.

Knitting and similar crafts have been shown in scientific studies to have benefits to depression and PTSD, with similar effects to meditation. It has also been shown to stave off dementia and help improve concentration. And it can help with arthritis.

Fiber arts have their own social network called Ravelry – and on Ravelry crafters can connect with others based on their interests (beyond crafting) including chat groups for people with chronic and terminal illnesses.

A doctor in Maine (male, by the way) knits a hat for every newborn he delivers – warning: extreme cuteness. Knitting is also high in the ranks of technological innovation – check out this recently created 3D printer that can print a sweater.

In other – non-knitting-related – industry news today:
USA Today reports that the FCC “passed newly proposed net neutrality rules on Thursday with a provision that could allow content providers to pay for prioritized data traffic on the so-called “fast lanes” delivered by Internet service providers. The outcome was widely criticized by net neutrality proponents who fear that ISPs would use the new rules to justify discriminating against content providers who are reluctant or can’t afford to pay for faster lanes.”

New Yorker published a feature early this month on what they call the pain pill epidemic, and the resulting reader comments are as worth a read as the article itself, especially to see what the public and news media are saying about the issue. The full version is available only to subscribers but if you’d like to read a copy let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction. Essentially, the article profiles how prescription pain pill use grew in the early 2000s and created the landscape we see today, where we still haven’t found the right mix of physician education and appropriate legislation.

Clinical trial…as treatment option? This interesting viewpoint was presented by Shire’s Director of Patient Recruitment and Engagement Joseph Kim at a recent conference where he urged the industry to consider the reasons that patients act as they do in order to more fully engage them. In the case of clinical trials, many patients choose to participate because they want to get better (rather than for the money or karma) and so outreach efforts should be tailored accordingly. (Thanks to Director of Supplier Partner Relations Gazelle Afshari for this article.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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