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The Scoop – Big Deals Including Pfizer/AZ, Google/Twitch | Hot Digital Trends | Programmatic Growth May 19, 2014

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Pfizer and AstraZeneca, sittin’ in a tree? Meanwhile in other big deals, Google/YouTube may buy for $1 billion. And a trend has been seen among hospitals striking deals with major pharmacies to support changes related to Obamacare.

Sr. Account Manager Buying Services & Deliverables Lisa Costa shared the following takeaways from the May 15 Philly Ad Club Meeting “How Top Brands Use Digital to Expand Their Reach for Greater Success”: The event focused on the importance of including digital and particularly mobile as part of any strategy, and to avoid using solutions that can’t be made to work as one. 6 Trends to be aware of in 2014:
1. Traditional offline behavior has evolved into a media experiences
2. We’ve gone from TV “viewers” to TV “users”
3. Mobile is the new desktop (mobile ad spending is expected to increase 50% in 2014)
4. Social enables you to be what you share
5. Digital video has achieved critical mass
6. Big data is making advertisers smarter

Sr. Marketing Analytics Analyst Lou Greisiger shared this story about using Big Data from social media to improve health care and explained that “information Americans share on social media websites about their health and lifestyle is more up to date and accurate than what they share with doctors, employers, insurance companies and government agencies.”

A survey by AdExchanger found that programmatic buying will be making up a significant percentage of ad budgets across industries overall. Forbes reports: “Right now, the majority of marketers are managing at least 20% of their ad spend programmatically, but almost two-thirds plan to spend double that much this way over the next 12 months. And a quarter of marketers plan to spend at least 80% of their budgets programmatically.” The article goes on to explain that programmatic will be disrupting advertising the entire advertising industry – in a good way – but that ad verification needs to go hand-in-hand to ensure innovation doesn’t come at the expense of quality.

In what seems like a miracle, scientists used a virus to eradicate a woman’s recurring cancer in a trial that offers hope to many.

So I guess there’s a reason for dogs’ penchant for sniffing delicate areas – new research shows dogs can quite effectively detect prostate cancer by scent.

But that’s not the weirdest news today – a real study published in a real journal reported on a man whose brain stimulation therapy resulted in his becoming a Johnny Cash fan.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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