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The Scoop – WLA v FDA | Hospital CEO Pay | Doctor Shortage May 20, 2014

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Washington Legal Foundation is stirring things up with FDA again with comments to draft guidance on off-label use that argues FDA’s regulation is violating the First Amendment. Fierce Pharma reports “WLF says those conditions go too far, arguing that ‘in the absence of such revisions [removing the conditions], it will be virtually impossible for manufacturers to distribute reprints in a manner that complies with the draft guidance.’”

Hospital CEOs and other executives earn more than the average physician, which sheds light on the administrative costs of healthcare, according to new data.

It’s the other side of the ‘doctor shortage’ – the shortage of open positions and residencies for young doctors means fewer are being admitted to medical school and the pipeline is shrinking rather than growing. Star Tribune reports “Last year, more than 43,000 students applied to the nation’s medical schools. Only 42 percent of them got in — the lowest acceptance rate in more than a decade. The number of graduates — 18,200 last year — has risen over the last 10 years, but only modestly. That bottleneck worries many health care analysts, who foresee a shortage of doctors over the next decade as the population ages and the Affordable Care Act increases the number of Americans with health insurance. By one estimate, the nation will be short 90,000 physicians in the next decade.”

DiabetesMine is holding its annual Patient Voices contest, which invites patients to submit product reviews of diabetes-related tech products, with the best video winning a trip to the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford School of Medicine.

Why do videos go viral? There’s a physiological response to not only viewing positive videos, but also to sharing them. NY Times explains, “Misery loves company, and so does any sort of deeply affecting feeling.”

AZ said no thanks to Pfizer, but there’s more mergers, acquisitions and launches in the news today – first; I didn’t mean to omit this big news from yesterday’s Scoop – AT&T is looking to buy DirectTV. Google is thinking of buying Divide, which PC World explains “is designed to let workers consolidate professional apps and personal apps onto the device they already have, providing encryption along the way for the business apps and data.”

Thanks to CMIO Dr. Susan Dorfman for sharing several of today’s Scoop articles.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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