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The Scoop – Marketing Freaks | Free Speech and Off-Label Marketing | Gaming Physicians May 22, 2014

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Yesterday afternoon I attended Chris Brogan’s webinar “Marketing Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth.” Takeaways ranged from specific to borderline spiritual:
• Put service to your customers/audiences at number one – every customer experience should be about happiness
• Keep marketing emails 300-500 words
• Have only one ‘ask’ per email (and speaking of email, some argue it’s way more effective for marketing than social media, although stronger when partnered with social media)
• Real communication is the door-opener for a true connection
• People like to belong – can you be part of a community with your customers in a way no one else currently is?
• The customer’s story is THE story
• Consider all media – both blogs and podcasts are experiencing a resurgence; Pinterest and Instagram are also worth a look to see how you may reach customers. Diversify to get the most out of media. “My blog is for Google, my newsletter is for humans.”

According to the New Yorker, at a recent FDLA meeting it was implied that FDA is considering changing its off-label marketing rules to allow for freedom of speech leeway for pharma sales reps. The article is worth a read as it provides background on the history of this interesting legal argument.

Goofy jokes and ridiculous stock photos are the core of a new game by Qstream for physicians that allows them to laugh through education, resulting in high audience engagement for the VA Boston Healthcare System and better patient outcomes.

Online reviews of physicians are becoming increasingly popular, and affecting how some doctors practice. As Wall Street Journal explains, “Many doctors remain wary of online reviews, concerned that negative comments can damage their reputation. Being a good doctor can sometimes mean giving patients hard advice. And some doctors fear comments from disgruntled patients or ex-employees could drive other patients away.”

Facebook’s true value to marketers is not sales/conversion but rather as a massive focus group, according to new research.

Ready your PowerPoint presentations for some fresh new stats: the World Health Organization has issued World Health Statistics 2014; it includes data that shows overall increase in life expectancy. Other interesting information:
• Around 44 million (6.7%) of the world’s children aged less than five years were overweight or obese in 2012.
• In 22 countries (all in Africa), 70% or more of years of life lost (due to premature deaths) are still caused by infectious diseases and related conditions.
• Meanwhile, in 47 countries (mostly high-income), noncommunicable diseases and injuries cause more than 90% of years of life lost.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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