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The Scoop – Programmatic Buying at AMM | Practice Fusion Insight | Email Effectiveness May 23, 2014

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Programmatic buying is red hot, and was one of two topics of yesterday’s AMM meeting featuring our friend Proclivity CEO Sheldon Gilbert. Many thanks to my colleagues Patti Flannery, Alya Sherman, and Theresa Heintz who shared the following takeaways.
Proclivity: “The Ride of Programmatic Advertising in Pharmaceutical Advertising”
• The market always convergences on efficiencies
• We’re moving from 30 days to 30 milliseconds
The basic idea behind serving ads in real-time is that it hits the right consumer, person, or physician with the right messaging at the right time. There’s no guessing on qualitative, instead it’s strictly focused on measurable and successful quantitative results. And it’s tracked full circle from the time the ad was served to the transaction that occurred measuring ROI and ultimately storing the data for use in the future.
Encuity: “The Current State and Future of Pharmaceutical Promotion
• It’s best to have a good promotional mix of DTC, meeting & events and detailing to make your campaign most effective. Specifically, meeting & events are heavily utilized in the launch of brands
• eDetailing promotion is declining – fell 3% from 2012, specifically to the NP/PA & Physicians (2008-2013)
• Social is being used by pharma as a patient advocacy, education, support and as a place to enroll in pharma discount programs but not a big promotional vehicle
• Doctors are not seeing as many reps as they used to, but the ones they do see, get to spend more time with them. Reps are increasingly seeing more time with NPs and PAs. NPs and PAs are interested in having conversations and learning more about new products.
• The future of DTC advertising will consist of 20% of industry spend
• There is a slow decline in media journals and its share of total promotional spend for the industry from 2.5% 10 years ago to 1.3% in 2013. The decline in new product launches coupled with a promotional focus on product/consumer marketing over science has driven the drop in share

Eric Pepper, VP, Pharma Team Leader, Practice Fusion shared a great article about their new Insight platform, which shows trends in why people are seeing the doctor. Did you know that nightmares send 4.9 of every 10,000 children to the doctor, and 2.9 of every 10,000 adults ages 50-60? Now you do, thanks to the database mined from 81 million de-identified patients.

Email is having a big moment as it continues to be recognized as a medium with super-powers – to engage, to entice, to convert, to infinity and beyond! As a recent MediaPost article explains, “Email is still one of the most consistent ways to inform and educate customers and fulfill brand experiences. Whether tethered to a “message” pushed through an app or an SMS or MMS message, email will always be on the front screen on your mobile device and vital to any mobile strategy. As CMOs get uber-excited about mobile and the unique experiences that can be developed through apps, there is still a persistence you must create with the consumer — and email is that connector.”

Google has rolled out Panda 4.0, an adorable-sounding way to keep search results top-quality. Pharma should take note, explains Richard Meyer, to stay at the top of organic rankings. Meyer adds: “If you do not have an SEO agency to audit your site and content, you should.” And guess who rocks at SEO audits? We do! Ask me how.

Facebook has changed its privacy policies to help people keep their information private from non-friends, and my guess is this is in an effort to get people to share more and continue to bolster the company’s stores of deep data.

3D models of your own organs could inform and be a major part of EHRs of the future.

Say it with me folks – holiday weekend! As we’re gearing up for a day off Monday (and many of us are taking a few extra days as well) let’s enjoy a really fun article: an analysis of Google searches shows which keywords are searched most in each state. Yessir, I’m leaving the Back Shaving state this weekend to go visit the land of Canadian Men.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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