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The Scoop – Digital Advertising Trends | Pharma Specific Ad Trends | Samsung’s Simband May 30, 2014

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eMarketer’s webinar “Digital Advertising Trends – Programmatic, Big Data, Native & Viewability” on May 22 provided some excellent takeaways, synthesized by Campaign Analysts Philip J. Turicik and Andrew Driver and Associate Campaign Analyst Michael O’Brien:
• Brand Recall appears to be much stronger for Rising Star ads (90%) on mobile devices as opposed to standard mobile banners (52%).
• These data points combined with others backing larger, more dynamic messages have brands moving to “larger real estate” advertisements to tell a story.
• Native Ads are expected to increase by 61% over the next 3 years (particularly on social media outlets) and will eclipse $5 billion as they provide greater context and show stronger lift in purchase intent.
• Over the past couple of months, the definition of “viewability” as identified by the Media Rating Council (MRC) has been altered and is now defined as “50% of an ad’s pixel in view for 1-second”for display banners and “50% of an ad’s pixels in view for 2+ continuous seconds”for video ads.
• While not the norm yet, many industry trends and experts suggest that the ‘viewable CPM’ or paying based on viewability could be the future of the digital industry; however, this structure comes with many implications, including (most importantly) the benchmarks surrounding them, which have yet to emerge or be developed.
• As we’ve seen with our own emerging technologies, interest in non-cookie related data (specifically location and device type information) are essential now that users can be reached across a multitude of platforms; the key is to nail down when and on which device to reach these users.

eMarketer also looked specifically at pharma/healthcare to see how digital spend will look and found some interesting upward trending in direct response versus other tactics, but that doesn’t tell the full story: “industry experts see things moving toward a more performance-based analysis of overall spend, regardless of objective.” eMarketer also saw a lag in mobile investment in our industry. Thanks to Gazelle Afshari, Director of Supplier Partner Relations, for the article as well as a few other articles in today’s Scoop.

In today’s wearables news (or is it today’s Samsung v. Apple news?): Samsung has released Simband, which tracks heart rate, blood pressure and other body functions. Samsung’s making a lot of news lately with its wearables and this seems to be an effort to scoop Apple on the health front, but diehards are holding out to see what Apple will launch.

In today’s robots-taking-over news: a brain implant may help soldiers avoid psychiatric disorders. Meanwhile, cab drivers and Uber entrepreneurs may need to step aside as Google’s self-driving car strives to be the next wave of public transport.

The worldwide obesity rates continue to rise, with more than 2.1 billion people considered overweight or obese.

Southwest is getting a wrist slap after the USDOT determined it was not offering seats at $59, which they’d been advertising. The airline blamed a mistake in ad copy and is making restitution in the form of an apology and a $200k fine. Thanks to Andrew Driver for this article.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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