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The Scoop – Explaining Rising Star Ads | State of Digital Marketing | Your Brain on Storytelling June 2, 2014

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In Friday’s Scoop we mentioned Rising Star ads, prompting a few questions around what those are exactly. Campaign Analyst Phil Turicik explained that they are new, especially for pharma. Some publishers aren’t even offering them yet, but we do have experience with them, having utilized them with select campaigns. “Basically, they are new ad formats for desktop display and mobile devices that offer more user interaction through technology, such as expansion, video and animation. There are new ad sizes as well, creating a new palette in additional to the standard display and mobile ad sizes that users are accustomed to (and sometimes zone out).” IAB, which defines them as follows, offers a good primer: “The IAB Rising Stars are brand-friendly ad units that tap into the breadth of cutting-edge technology available today, providing new tools that resonate with consumers and serve as powerful vehicles for advertisers.”

IQ Rx Intern Gina Brown helpfully provided top takeaways from the Webmarketing 123 state of digital marketing in 2014 report:
• Generating leads is both the #1 objective and #1 challenge in digital marketing. E-mail is the number one channel for driving leads and revenue for both B2B and B2C companies
• Half of all marketers still spent only 25% or less of their budget online in 2013. 75% is still spent on offline programs
• The top 3 obstacles to a budget increase are:
o Proving ROI
o Lack of overall company growth
o Lack of buy-in from management
• In 2011, 75% of B2B marketers measured digital marketing success in terms of website traffic – by 2013, this number fell to 23%. Greater focus was placed on improving ROI and increasing revenue through digital channels
• Social media has evolved into a revenue generator, not just a source of awareness and leads.1 in 5 B2B marketers generated revenue from social media in 2013; this ratio improves to 1 in 3 for B2C marketers

It’s about time for a good infographic fix, wouldn’t you say? And we’ve got some excellent ones:
Sr. Marketing Analytics Analyst Lou Greisiger shared the science of storytelling, from how it affects your brain to how to make your content smarter. And a day in the life on the Internet shows what people are doing when and where, and that it would take 16 years to watch all the videos that are uploaded in just one day.

Google Glass in the operating room has been getting more and more press lately, most recently in a New York Times article where one doctor explained how the technology would have helped him save the life of a patient who recently died.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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