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The Scoop – Apple Enters Health with HealthKit | Criticality in Pharma Marketing | Dr. Oz’s Media Preferences June 3, 2014

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So here’s the deal with Apple’s big announcement yesterday: the company has made its long-awaited official debut into the healthcare space, and interestingly they’ve placed doctors and hospitals at the center of what differentiates their offering. As part of the keynote of WWDC, which is a frequent showcase of what’s new with Apple, the company did not announce any new hardware (no iWatch, no new Air), instead focusing on iOS 8 and their new health suite, called Health. As part of Health they’ve launched the HealthKit platform, a continuous health monitoring system that sends alerts directly to a user’s physician, for which they have been building partnerships with Epic and Mayo Clinic. We’ve known for a while that Apple wanted to enter our space, and this move shows how serious they are. Coverage of the event from: MedCity News; Mayo Clinic blog; Cult of Mac; ReadWriteWeb.

Criticality is key. Pharma marketers need to adjust their strategy when physicians are making their final prescribing decisions based on criticality. Christine Hardy, senior data analyst, and Taryn Tarantino, vice president of interactive marketing, lay out critical scenarios for physicians and discuss how knowing how channel choices are impacted by critically can help pharma marketers make promotional moves in this MediaPost article.

The back page of Ad Week is fun to read because it shows the media preferences of celebrities, recently featuring Dr. Oz – unfortunately he doesn’t go into a lot of detail about what he uses for work, but you’ll be interested to know that he likes AskMD, and unsurprised to know that like many docs he loves using his iPad.

Small practices lead the pack in e-prescribing according to a new Surescripts study that also found that Internists are the top e-prescribers, especially if they’re from Delaware. Thanks CMIO Susan Dorfman for this article.

Google picked a bad day to launch a pretty cool thing – a partnership with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg produces a new look for Google Glass. They just should have waited until after WWDC to announce.

Google kindly offered to let people be ‘forgotten’ in search results in the European Union, and 12,000 signed up on the first day.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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