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The Scoop – Pharmalot on WSJ | Net Neutrality Rant | State of Email Marketing June 4, 2014

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Things are happening! On the Internet! A huge congratulations to Ed Silverman whose Pharmalot blog has changed hands from the owners of Med Ad News to a new home at Wall Street Journal’s website. This is an excellent venue for Ed’s analysis of pharma industry trends.

Has net neutrality joined politics and religion as the topic you shouldn’t discuss at dinner? Comedian/Politico John Oliver drove people to overload the FCC website with comments after a 13-minute rant on the importance of keeping the Internet open. This is very worth watching, as it explains beautifully why this topic has so many geek undies in a bunch – and why perhaps we should all be joining them in the outrage. Essentially, Oliver explains, our current situation is one of equality. Changing the rules on which companies can pay to stream faster could edge out small businesses and startups from success.

IQ Rx is our amazing analytics department, and Intern Gina Brown reviewed Marketo’s report on the state of email marketing and shared the following takeaways just for Scoop:
• In 2014, e-mail marketing remains a rich and exciting tool with almost unlimited potential. It’s just a matter of capitalizing on its value – The content of e-mail marketing must speak to each prospect’s goals and challenges
• Content relevance leads to conversion
o Segmenting will give every campaign a boost by providing markets with the ability to amplify the personal significance of every e-mail
o Initiate transactional emails, they traditionally have a higher open rate than promotional emails
o Strategic use of marketing automation Is using e-mails to drive audiences to dynamic landing pages
o Utilizing specific keyword links in your email can lead to controlled web content offered to your reader
• Five pathways to high performance
1. Articulate your business goals – the e-mail should reflect and encourage the actions you want recipients to take
2. Create compelling content – think from the customer’s point of view
3. Integrate social media – this creates more opportunities for engagement and awareness
4. Cater to the mobile reality – the user experience needs to be vibrant for both desktop and mobile e-mail platforms
5. Test campaigns, including different content versions – A/B testing will deliver optimal results, even in a short time frame
• E-mail campaigns can act as the perfect medium for your marketing deliverables, driving authentic connection through personalized content and ultimately creating revenue
• The secret to digital marketing is staying responsive to changing technologies
Here you go: how you’ll die by where you live.

It’s estimated that next year there will be more cellular connections than people.

This is bigger than when Lego launched the Simpsons set: Lego has launched The Lego Research Institute that features women scientists – I am buying this for my daughter as soon as it comes out.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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