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The Scoop – Sunshine Act Deadline | Mobile Optimized Sites | Amazon’s Mystery Product June 5, 2014

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Another Sunshine Act deadline has come; Medical Practice Insider reports “Starting June 1, physicians and teaching hospitals are encouraged to register for the organization’s Enterprise Portal, the gateway to the Enterprise Management system set to be unveiled and vied for some time in July. Although participation within both phases of the Open Payments plan remains voluntary, physicians must be a part of the systems if they wish to access and review information submitted about them by the industry, according to CMS.” Thanks to CMIO Susan Dorfman for this article. To make better sense of Sunshine Act, check out our infographic.

Uh oh. Google’s search results now warn searchers if a page they’ve found is not mobile optimized.

Venture Beat reminds Apple that it’s the little things that count when launching in a specialized industry such as healthcare, calling the use of “mL/dL” rather than the correct “mg/dL” a “goof,” stressing that “To achieve the vision of a unified, consumer-driven health platform, they’re going to have to get the real, clinical healthcare stuff right.” I spoke yesterday with a friend who works in EHRs and he’s also dubious, explaining that because of the tech that would need to be involved to make this venture a success, Apple has a major road ahead of them.

Amazon has begun teasing to customers an “amazing” new product that they’ll be launching June 18. Any guesses on what this mystery product will be? Keep in mind that Amazon is the purveyors of the Hutzler Banana Slicer (read the reader reviews if you haven’t yet) and the Daddle (ditto on the reader reviews.) It’s probably a 3D phone but I’m still holding out hope for a transmogrifier.

1900 predictions of the year 2000 included Skype, underwater croquet and kids with mechanical wings.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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