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The Scoop – Facebook’s Sociologists | Binge-Watching | Patient Engagement in the Mainstream June 9, 2014

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Today’s Scoop is about attitude adjustments. At least that seems to be the central theme among most of the news stories, as personalities and media shift. Facebook has begun hiring sociologists to better understand how people work. Netflix is changing our brains – which may not be a good thing. The ability not only to stream shows but also to binge watch shows – their hits including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are released all at once, rather than one show at a time – which one Forbes columnist argues is killing our ability to enjoy delayed gratification.

Mainstream press is starting to pick up on some things that were previously limited to our industry jargon; this weekend the Wall Street Journal focused a story on what the health industry is doing around patient engagement, including incentivizing patients to help themselves.

As our world gets smaller, the World Cup – which previously was only slightly popular in the US – is booming and already offering a case study of social media marketing as brands are beefing up their campaigns to engage consumers worldwide. Advertisers are watching the games as closely as fans this year.

A big win for branding in Asia as Coca Cola introduces ways for consumers to re-use their bottles, including as condiment dispensers, pencil sharpeners and water guns. (Thanks Assistant Media Planner
Sarah Darcy for this article.)

Campaign Analyst Marc Apter shared this article which explains that Google will be introducing a new policy that will notify mobile users about possible redirects from paid advertisements to homepages. He explained: “This article is relevant because some of our clients use redirects on certain pages, dropping the user off at a homepage rather than a deeper page on their site. For example, if a consumer wants to see benefits of Drug A and their query is “Drug A benefits” we would ideally drop them off at a page highlighting these benefits, but sometimes the client’s webpage will not allow this action to take place for numerous reasons; resulting in a redirect to the brand’s home page. Moving forward, Google will be notifying users in the paid search advertisements that they might not be directed to the “Drug A benefits” page, but instead the home page.”

Reduced time with reps means reduced off-label prescribing according to a new study.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications
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