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The Scoop – Engaging New Demographics | Doctor-Patient Communication | Precision Advertising June 11, 2014

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The new demographics are out! The new demographics are out! We’re figuring out Millennials and also able to make more sense of Moms and New Retirees to determine how to market to each demographic, according to a new report (thanks CMIO Dr. Susan Dorfman for this story). As MediaPost summarizes, here’s how to engage each:
• Make them feel individualistic
• Help them feel part of something bigger
• Engage them with conversation (online and offline)
• Go to them, don’t make them come to you
• They want to be respected by companies
• Give them good deals
Middle Class Moms:
• Sell optimism
• Discover and innovate with moms
• Be experiential
• Recognize her creativity
• Help commercialize her barter system
• Make an everyday luxury accessible
• Take advantage of her home time – to connect
New Retirees:
• Don’t talk health benefits, scream them!
• Ride with the silver surfers
• Make technology easy to adapt. Once they do, there is no going back
• Influence the influencer: their kids
• Consider changing physical limitations in product design

A recent study shows a difference between what women want from birth control and what doctors communicate. Patients surveyed are mainly concerned about safety, while HCPs surveyed focus discussion around how it’s used.

Everyday Health’s MedPage Today has launched a new app, CancerRx, which offers physicians clinical information about certain types of cancer, and gives pharma the opportunity to use precision-based advertising. Thanks Director, Strategic Alliances Lee Greenfield for sharing this article.

Some hospitals have begun adding pharmacists to the ER staff to cut down on medication errors. A doctor paraphrased by NPR explained that doctors “are used to jotting down a type and quantity of drugs and moving on. If there’s a problem, a pharmacist will hopefully catch it and get in touch later. But later won’t work in the emergency room.”

In today’s awesomesauce news:
• Lego’s executives don’t just get to work at Lego – they also have possibly the coolest business cards ever: personalized mini-figures
• Thank you, science, for this tidbit: men’s faces seem to be genetically designed for receiving punches
• Amtrak’s wifi offering may get a big boost from totally unusable to just pretty bad

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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