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The Scoop-Dads and Ads| M2 Summit| Instagram for Pharma June 13, 2014

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It’s Father’s Day weekend which means it’s time for us to share something that pulls at your heart strings. Thanks to Buying Services Team Leader Aimee Denis for pointing us to this uplifting tribute to dads, courtesy of Dove who always rocks it with memorable campaigns that are also good for the soul. And Nielsen shares what are the most popular ads among dads this year.

Don’t forget! M2 happens Monday! It’s our day-long summit with our media strategists to explore the latest media innovations that move our clients’ business. We’ll be live streaming on Twitter with hashtag #CMIEvo, as well as posting highlights to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram (@cmicompas).

Facebook announces it will be giving more control to users around what ads they see by allowing them access to the information collected on their likes and interests, plus make changes to their profiles. Thank you to Phil Katz, Manager Insights & Analytics for this report.

Instagram—not just another way to share pictures of cute babies or your first summer pedicure, but also a vehicle that can and should be used by pharma marketers. Our own Colleen Radano, Sr. Client Services Coordinator has authored this thought piece published in PM360 Panorama, calling Instagram a marketer’s new best friend.

Health innovation of the day: iHealth has developed a glucose monitor that plugs into a headphone jack to make life a little easier.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Marketing Services Manager
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