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The Scoop – M2 Today #CMIEvo | Brand Studio | Content Marketing Infographic June 17, 2014

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M2, our Media Masters Evolution Summit is happening today – this day has been created for full immersion into the hottest categories in consumer and professional multi-channel marketing. I will be live tweeting from the CMI/Compas Twitter account all day using the hashtag #CMIEvo, as well as posting to our Facebook page, Instagram (@cmicompas), LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We’ll share learnings around mobile, social, point-of-care, apps, wearables, display, DSP, and video. Get the inside scoop on the latest in media right from your desk chair.

NY Times’ Brand Studio, which was built to create native ads with ad agencies, has come out with one of its first campaigns. The brand advertised is Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, and the ad – which you can see here – includes a feature article, photos and video. Very cool look into a major path for our industry.

Content marketing takes both science and art, as an infographic illustrates – you have to know your own goals and strengths, but you also have to truly understand what your audience wants.

For those interested in learning more about Apple CEO Tim Cook, NY Times has published a profile that shows a man who aims to build his business practices around moral beliefs of equality and ecology.

Google is planning to launch Google Fit, which would compete with Apple’s newest health offerings.

California has declared a whooping cough (aka pertussis) epidemic. Did you know: you can get a pertussis booster and should if you will be in proximity of a newborn.

Scientists now believe that herpes has been around – present in chimps – since before humans existed.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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