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The Scoop – #CMIEvo Search Learnings| WebMD Relaunches Healthy Target | Why Smartphone, Amazon June 17, 2014

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I admit, I’m a little sleepy this morning – yet incredibly wired because of how much I learned from my colleagues during yesterday’s CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit, a day-long employee event with our media strategists exploring the latest media innovations. You may have seen tidbits on Twitter #CMIEvo or other social media, and starting today I’ll be sharing the key takeaways I gleaned from each topic – search, point of care, apps, wearables, social, display, DSP+, video & connected TV and mobile. And there was so much knowledge and insight shared at the event that you will also see additional thought pieces coming from us on these topics in a steady stream over the next few months. In addition, because each team met with countless suppliers to prep for their presentation, we’ll see some interesting collaborations and exclusive content. Viva la evolution! Today’s key takeaways come from search:
• You must have separate strategies for professional and consumer audiences, separate search and also separate messaging
• Don’t do bad search – don’t send a doctor to a patient site, and make sure content can be found in as few clicks as possible
• Physicians are searching, their patients are searching.
• Search is changing the way that we think. We’re outsourcing parts of our memory to search, we don’t want to retain it because we know we can find it there.
• Trust level of organic versus paid – it varies because a lot of people don’t distinguish between the two, they often just click off the top, but studies show that using both paid and search improves results overall. Side bonus of this, blocks out competition.
• It’s really about the quality of the campaign. We’ve done audits for our clients and have found gaps. Need a well-structured campaign using the right copy, the right keywords, as well as several other qualities. Many granular details that need to be considered
• To integrate search, centralization is very important, often the different areas of a company work in silos. Work with cross-functional agencies to get everyone talking and strategizing together.

One hot press item yesterday was around our partner WebMD’s big relaunch of their iPhone app as a fitness data hub. A big topic that came up yesterday, particularly during the wearables presentation, was that while tracking is rising in popularity, many people aren’t totally sure what to actually do with all of this data, and so it’s no surprise that this announcement caused a buzz. As the Wall St. Journal article explains, WebMD’s “Healthy Target can pull in data from devices made by Entra, Fitbit, Jawbone, Telcare and Withings—everything ranging from fitness bands to Web-connected bathroom scales.”

And the other hot press item was speculation around Amazon’s announcement, coming tomorrow, which many think will be around a new smartphone.

Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communication
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