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The Scoop – Amazon Releases 3D Smartphone | Social #CMIEvo | Oculus Rift for Healthcare June 19, 2014

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Amazon has released its much-anticipated (and much-rumored) 3D smartphone as part of a PR flurry where the company teased ‘something amazing’ for several weeks. Reviews so far are pretty positive, but analysts are concerned about its price.

In Scoop we’ve talked a lot about Monday’s CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit and I’m happy to report the judges have chosen a team winner for best presentation; so in honor of Team Social, here are their #CMIEvo top presentation takeaways:
• Dive in, man. Get to know social, find your voice, experiment, and make sure you monitor and measure. Take a look at our Facebook page for screenshot examples of how the team experimented using a faux halitosis client
• Most advertising opportunities in social are pay-for-performance
• There’s a best time to interact in social across media-overall Thursday tends to be the best day, but time tends to vary across channel
• What kind of voice will you have? This depends on the type of campaign you want to have
• Tailor your creative and content to the needs of your audience-how do you know their needs? Social listening
• It’s easy to start a YouTube channel, what’s tricky is creating great videos. Keep videos under 2 minutes, update content regularly, use original content. Read the comments if comments are enabled. Or turn off comments. There’s paid ad options in YouTube also
• The three keys to social posts: keep posts short and sweet, make them relevant, and stay original
• Google+ is the sleeper hit of social for professional audiences-not very used by marketers but very popular among HCPs
• Don’t rely just on likes for accurate measurement-look at sentiment scores that are shown via social listening tools/companies

Oculus Rift is making a lot of us wonder and dream of what could be possible next in virtual reality, particularly in healthcare – with potential in simulations for medical training, and patient help for mental health, autism and palliative care.

One patient got her doctor to take her symptoms seriously by recording her stroke on video and posting it to YouTube

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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