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The Scoop – App #CMIEvo | Latest iWatch Rumors | Financial Times Ad Experiment June 20, 2014

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In the Pursuit of APPiness from Team App’s #CMIEvo presentation at the CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit there were quite a few takeaways the really made me think (for example – what exactly is sizzurp?):

• The importance of apps is clear – just look at the plethora of stats around the importance of mobile, as well as this stat: by 2017, 200 billion apps will be downloaded
• Data can help us understand more about patients like Lil Wayne (epilepsy) and Tom Hanks (diabetes) – knowing app preferences we can target with in-app advertising
• Remember – wireless apps can offer us couponing
• The world of apps is bigger than just owning media, it’s pursuing all of the options that are possible for our clients (pursuit of APPiness)
• Fewer than 500 apps have been created by pharma companies
• In the future we may see pharma companies develop a drug and its complementary app at the same time
• More than 400 FDA-approved apps exist; FDA clearly wants docs to prescribe apps
• We try to get to basically, what are the top 10 apps that will influence people and how do we best use them

Speaking of apps, Drchrono has developed one for Google Glass that connects to medical records, so physicians can view them during a patient visit.

And speaking of wearables – sort of – NPR offers an update on the Proteus ingestible sensor that can send health data to you or your doctor – very cool stuff that we also saw highlighted during the Team Wearables presentation at #CMIEvo. The problem: once all of this data is shared, what then? Thanks to Media Director Brian Werner for sharing this article.

In other wearables news, it’s rumored that Apple’s iWatch will have several designs and up to 10 sensors.

Senior Media Planner Kristen Kohler shared this article, explaining “Financial Times is testing a program to sell ads based on how long users spend with their page – buying views in increments of 5 seconds.”
The latest news in Facebook advertising is that the social giant’s shift toward direct marketing opportunities may be an adjustment for some brand marketers. eMarketer reports that Facebook’s new-as-of-Thursday ad offerings are laser-focused on direct marketing, so those advertisers who don’t get with the program may see their branding results take a dive.


-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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