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The Scoop – Display #CMIEvo | Doctors Using Trackers with Patients | Skype Storytelling Win June 24, 2014

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Oh, Team Display, you had me at evolution: during their #CMIEvo presentation at the CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit the team shared how partners we’ve worked with for decades have evolved to offer more scope, and how even the office elevator offered opportunity. Full presentation takeaways:

• This is the evolution – having all the data in one place, doing optimizations on the fly
• Finding the opportunities to provide relevant content no matter where consumer is on their journey
• Companies like Everyday Health and WebMD offer amazing options and partnerships for engaging consumers AND HCPs
• The CleaRx team expects to receive a 13% Rx lift by targeting patients and HCP with a consistent message
• Don’t overlook those elevator TVs for ads-surprisingly effective! 1,800 buildings, 10,000 screens!
• It’s not just about ‘how can I reach patients’ it’s about what are their lives like, really understanding them and what they need. Reaching them, but also reaching them in a meaningful way.

Doctors are experimenting with how fitness trackers affect their patients, some even providing their patients with them, according to Wall St. Journal (story is password protected.) Many doctors have found that those using trackers have better health outcomes, in particular those recovering from serious surgery. Withings has launched what may be the sexiest fitness tracker yet – their Activite watch looks beautiful and can take a beating, and its $350 price tag puts it in bottom of the luxury watch category. Nicely done!

Storytelling Win of the Day: It’s a tear-jerker and it’s a brilliant campaign for Skype as the company tells the story of two teens who were both born with one arm connected across the world via Skype, became best friends, supported each other and eventually met in person. Thanks to Media Director Tamara Cane for this story.

John Oliver’s done it again, this time lambasting celeb Dr. Oz (warning: language) for his marketing of diet supplements, as well as criticizing the regulatory level of the supplement industry.

Random Kuper Story of the Day: A few months ago my husband invested in a Very Nice Office Chair. The VNOC gets its own capital letters because of its cost, which was high for our usually frugal selves, and also came from a Very Fancy Store that normally wouldn’t let us through the door. As a result, we now seem to be on a few marketing lists for Very Fancy People, because the quality of catalogues we started getting is super fantastic, such as the one that just sells artisanal men’s clothing (huh?) or the one in which I saw a $78 tea towel. I do have a point though, because the other day I came home to this newsmaker, the 17-pount Restoration Hardware catalogue set. Holy cow, did this get my attention. As soon as I got some extra help to lift it, I started looking through it and immediately fell in love with some of their products. Now, I am paid quite well for creating the daily Scoop and whatever else it is I do around here, but as I requested the majority of my salary come to me in the form of chocolate I don’t usually get to splurge. But imagine the response of actual customers! The controversy alone around how many trees were killed and the carbon footprint of delivery was a huge buzz generator. The point of my story is that it can pay off to do something really crazy, and I’m watching with interest to see how Restoration Hardware’s campaign results, especially whether the good outweighs the bad.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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