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The Scoop – Brands Get Snarky #luissuarez | Team Video & Connected TV #CMIEvo | Social Awareness Ads June 25, 2014

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Bravo, snarkiness – more than a dozen consumer brands sunk their teeth into the World Cup mishap where Uruguay player Luis Suarez bit a player on the Italy team, by posting on-brand but pretty funny comments to Twitter. My personal favorite was Listerine Global: “We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian.”

Raise your hand if you have a smart TV in your house. Raise your other hand if you’ve binge-watched a show recently. Okay, put your hands down and go back to your keyboard – the point is, times are a changin’, which was quite clear during the Team Video & Connected TV #CMIEvo presentation at the CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit. Full presentation takeaways:

• Why do consumers like streaming devices / connected TVs? On-demand watching/binge watching, cost, can drop cable – makes the experience better while also changing the way we consume media
• Paradigm is shifting from streaming devices to smart TVs
• And then there’s the streaming companies: Amazon Prime, YouTube, hulu, Netflix
• Hulu users view 65 video ads per month
• Netflix-over 25 million paid subscribers; particularly well rated because they have the hottest TV shows today
• YouTube = funny cat videos. Netflix = #OITNB. Hulu = forgot to set the TiVo
• 57% of connected TV users notice preroll, the most commonly used ad technique in the space; uses format that’s very pharma-friendly
• Hulu ads are up to 2x as effective as those on TV
• Streaming begets streaming – viewers who use streaming video in one place (like hulu) are more likely to do it in another (like
• Videos can also be housed in links within text of an article (double highlighted)
• Healthguru is the largest health video platform
• Our consumers are hungry for video content-let’s feed them
• If you have a child with diabetes, that content is relevant to the entire household
• 50% of viewers would prefer free shows even if that means they’ll see ads
• Key takeaway – streaming video, whether via a device or smart TV, is a major wave that offers us many targeted engagement opportunities that can be very pharma friendly

Show-stopper of the Day: this compendium of top social awareness advertisements will make your jaw drop, and hopefully inspire you as well.

Healthcare spending growth is picking up after a short slow period.

Twitter is testing out the retweet with comments.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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