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The Scoop – Black Box Drugs and Paid Search | DSP+ #CMIEvo | Partner Update June 30, 2014

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Black box drugs have more advertising restrictions than others, and this is particularly pertinent in paid search. How does this affect pharma marketers? What do you need to know? The latest Search Engine Watch column by Justin Freid, our VP, Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media, explains the ins and outs of this and is worth a read.

We’re gearing up for tomorrow’s annual employee picnic, and even though we’ve grown enormously we’ve kept this fun tradition alive. My team will be posting a few photos of the day tomorrow on Instagram and Twitter and next week on Facebook if you’d like an inside look on what it’s like here at CMI/Compas.

Team DSP+ addressed some of the latest innovation in our space during the #CMIEvo presentation at the CMI/Compas M2 Evolution Summit. Programmatic buying is booming, but it can be hard to define. The biggest takeaway for me – no matter how amazing the technology gets, it always needs the personal touch of a real human and that is not going away. Full presentation takeaways:
• 83% of ads will be bought programmatically by 2017
• One reason healthcare industry adoption of DSPs is low is because it’s so dang confusing
• Cross-industries, DSPs are taking over display buying. Health is following, slowly but surely
• Always do your homework on viewability of the sites you’re advertising on
• Very few people opt out, in 2012 the number was 1%
• Programmatic buying more common in the mobile space but targeting better on-site
• How do the people working in programmatic – on our side – need to evolve? People can read the data better than a machine, so people are still needed. No one is losing their jobs.
• When all else is equal SERVICE puts someone over the top

Our partners have been making news – thanks to our Supplier Partner Team dynamos Alya Sherman and Lee Greenfield for sharing some of these juicy tidbits:
• Treato is in a partnership with WorldOne to enhance capabilities in real-time patient intelligence
• Treato and Practice Fusion were both cited in an article about Rx switching, which showed there are tools possible to discover via social media why consumers switch
• Salesforce has partnered with Philips to provide software services to large hospitals

Moz offers a great reference guide on adapting your web presence to different screens, including typical sizes of smartphone, web, TV, etc. as well as general consumer usage times and habits for each screen.

People with chronic (expensive) medical conditions have been drawn to Obamacare, putting on more cost pressure than expected.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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