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The Scoop – FDA Social Guidance | Facebook’s Bizarre Psych Experiment | Mobile Pharma Biztech Takeaways June 30, 2014

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Coming back refreshed from our company picnic and ready to tackle one of my favorite topics: FDA social media guidance. Like Mick (sort of) says, you can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need. Except when you can’t. FDA is coming close, but still not giving pharma the needed guidance around marketing via social media, reports PharmExec Blog interviewing industry experts including our own Justin Freid, VP Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media.

Meanwhile FDA is playing nicely with 23andMe, and MedCityNews reports it seems the company is on the right path to becoming approved.

Facebook is in the dog house after conducting a massive psychological experiment without alerting users that we (yes WE) might all be subjects. The social giant tweaked individual news feeds to lean toward negative or positive news to see how it might affect the users’ own moods, with the results published in a medical journal. The company apologized yesterday for the way the 2012 experiment was run, saying they’ve changed their practices since then.

And to close out today’s Scoop, Theresa Heintz, Sr. Associate Marketing, shared the following excellent takeaways from Mobile Pharma Biztech 2014: Consumers are on mobile. Patients and doctors are on mobile. Apps are based on mobile and wearables are connected to mobile. So what does all of this mean for healthcare and where are we headed? We are starting to embrace and need to continue embracing the ‘always on’ consumer. The ‘always on’ consumer is connected locally and continually. For example, doctors are also using mobile at point of care to look up drugs and give their best recommendation to the patient. From there the patient is prescribed a drug, they go to their local CVS and look up the prescription before purchasing. The journey here is quick but effective all because of the optimal mobile experience. Consumers, patients and, slowly but surely, physicians are not just on mobile but they are on multiple screens often at one time. They can be reached across all of these screens; smartphone, tablet, TV, desktop, and car (yes, car!). And to engage your audience, you need to know your audience, their journey, and be prepared. Some of the other highlights that stood out for me include:

• 56% of the world has smartphones. Of that 56%, 42% of the 30 billion health searches yearly are on mobile devices.
• Desktop/laptops are not going away…can you say EMR/EHR?
• PCPs love the iOS platform. They lean more towards iOS over the android, with 72% of PCPs using the iPhone and 26% using the android.
• Virtual assistants are a part of our world and are becoming more popular and more effective in terms of healthcare. We’re moving towards apps and devices becoming part of the prescription. This addresses the issue of patients that aren’t connected and haven’t adopted connectivity.
• More than 500 years of video are watched daily on Facebook. Mobile users will watch a video anywhere from 2.4 minutes to 5 minutes.
• Some say Facebook has become nothing more than a mobile app.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
Want to hear more and see pics from the company picnic? Check out The Scoop!


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